Standing next to no one (well, that was my intention)

So I finally got LASIK! I had my one-week followup on Tuesday and apparently I can see a little better than 20/20 (three of five letters on the 20/15 line). So that’s cool. There’s still a little blurring and bleeding of bright lights but for the most part, it’s awesome. For the first week, the irritation from the surgery made it feel like I was wearing contacts all the time, I had to put three kinds of drops in my eyes four times a day, and also I had to wear these amusing goggles at night so that I wouldn’t claw my eyeballs out while sleeping. So it was actually worse than wearing glasses or contacts. But of course that was only for one week.

Now, it’s pretty sweet. My brain is still a little confused: sometimes I’ll think, oh I better take off my contacts soon, or reach up to push my glasses back in place (a reflexive action in the past) when they clearly don’t exist, or even this morning I reached for my glasses as I got out of bed — even though I could see just fine. The weirdest thing is going to sleep at night and actually being able to see my reflection in the mirror and the time on the clock.

I even went camping this weekend (pictures from that trip are forthcoming, as usual), and not having to worry about fogging up my glasses, or trying to put my contacts in with dirty hands each morning, was a pleasure. So: so far, so good. Here’s the last known picture of me with glasses (with my dad, in Aspen), and a new picture of me with the badass shades the laser surgery people gave me to wear for the next month whenever I’m outside.

Also, there have been some complaints about the lack of people-pictures from my Aspen update. So here are some: me with my parents, my lovely mom, Umesh and Kate.

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4 Responses to Standing next to no one (well, that was my intention)

  1. wingerz says:

    congrats! all of us in boston were wondering about when it was actually going to happen. your sexy.

  2. ccho says:

    Nice dude, free shades.

    • aj says:

      Right, “free” :). But yeah, they’re surprisingly wearable for the kind of throwaway sunglasses you’d expect them to give you.