Second try

So now it’s nearly 2am and I’m just about losing it. But I figured I better update this thing now before it’s too late.

As usual, the last two weeks have been a blur of work and play. Work hit me especially hard this week, as all my homework assignments and T.A. duties and advisor-finding-plans were in phase and swamped me at the same time. A lot of late nights.

Last weekend was quite a whirlwind. Saw Morcheeba at the Warfield on Friday night with six friends. Front row, baby. It was a terrific show; they have so many catchy tunes it’s ridiculous. I had a great time dancing and singing myself hoarse for two hours. Saturday afternoon I got to play soccer for a couple of hours. That night we (me and three of my neighbors) threw a big party. Well, we meant for it to be big, but it became huge really quickly. Over a hundred people showed up, and we ran out of alcohol really quickly. The cool thing was that we had each of our rooms tuned to a different kind of music so you could pick the style you wanted to dance to and go with it. I think my room varied between Swede-pop (Abba, Roxette), Hip-hop (Beastie Boys, Outkast, De La Soul), and chill-out music (Morcheeba again, Thievery Corporation, etc.). Despite the booze shortage, it was a ton of fun.

Somewhere in there, though, I got sick. I used to never get sick, right? At least I thought so. But something about California has made me susceptible. I started out with red eyes, a sore throat, and a stuffy nose, and by today I’ve progressed to a (very annoying) cough. I better recover by this weekend!

… which is going to be kick-ass. Actually I was going to go to Tahoe tomorrow till Saturday afternoon with about 30 IHouse people but that may fall through. Saturday night I’m going with Umesh and friends to SF to see Dave Chappelle, a comedian. Sunday we’re going to hike up Mt. Tam.

This is turning out to be a great season for shows. Some upcoming ones I’m planning on attending:
feb 21 telepopmusik
feb 23 vienna teng (right, jen? :)
mar 6 royksopp
mar 19 audioslave
mar 20 electrix 6 and d4
mar 22 the music, the vines
mar 23 supergrass, the coral
apr 1 idlewild
apr 8 sigur ros
apr 19 richard shindell
may 28 coldplay

There’s that killer period right around spring break during which I might actually go to four shows in five days. I don’t think I’ll have the stamina :). But if you’re in the SF area and are interested in any of the concerts, send me an email and we’ll go together!

It seems like this journal is less a spot for interesting ruminations and more a tedious archive of the things I do. Perhaps that’s because at some level I’m writing it for myself…. I can internalize my thoughts on things but it’s good to glance back and remember some of the stuff I’ve experienced.

Hey, today is Valentine’s Day, and I guess there’s a certain amount of rumination that goes along with it, Hallmark-induced or otherwise. It’s interesting to be single on Valentine’s Day. Of course, you’re acutely aware of your dating status (but then again when aren’t you? you think about it all the time, anyway), but you also get to witness the more awkward moments of dating, as couples try extra hard to define their relationships — even if it involves a break-up, fighting, or whatever. I guess Valentine’s Day is more about reinforcement than it is about love.

… although as far as I can remember, the Valentine’s Days I’ve had while dating people have been universally happy. I guess a couple of my friends have just been unlucky this year.

I really get the feeling I’m rambling or something. Probably has something to do with that 6:30am bedtime last night. I swear I had something engaging to say about Valentine’s Day and relationships and blah blah but it’s slipped my mind. Actually it feels like my mind itself has slipped and fallen over somewhere. Good night!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yo beatch (biatch)

    Hey there AJ, just shecking out (as D Brent might say) the journal. Pretty cool, that gig list certainly looks impressive don’t it? Anyway, keep up the good work, and remember: Trust, encouragement, reward, loyalty….. satisfaction.