Get to the point of it

The song I’m listening to now, “Trouble”, just seems perfect for an optimistic Sunday morning.

My mood has improved immeasurably since my last post. Things haven’t gotten better, technically, by my outlook has. A while ago I decided that I’d start doing a lot of work. At first, the plan backfired, as it seemed like the more time I put into studies, the worse things got. But my new work ethic has finally started to pay dividends, at least psychologically: I finally feel like I’m here for something.

Events of the last few days: St. Patrick’s party, soccer, watching UConn’s run to the Big East Championship with Umesh (which included a trip to the famed Cheese Board; the pizza was delicious, as advertised), and a great conversation with Meg and Leland last night. I was planning on finishing my taxes (I was serious when I said I’m focusing on work!), but they gave me a call and we ended up talking forever at Mondo Gelato. They’re awesome friends.

Speaking of taxes, so I did finish them, and it turns out that the government owes me like $900. This would have been great, except that I kind of got carried away buying CDs last night, offsetting much of this gain. I have this weird CD-buying technique by which I resist buying CDs for as long as possible (keeping a list of albums I want) and then finally break down and buy them all.

Not sure why I’m documenting this; I guess I feel that if I document something so foolish, perhaps it’ll acquire some respectability.

I went through my usual channels:,,,, Between those five, you can usually find a disc for pretty cheap.

Aphex Twin                Selected Ambient Works 85-92          
Blur                      Parklife                              
Blur                      Blur                                  
Cat Power                 Moon Pix                              
Future Bible Heroes       Memories Of Love                      
Future Bible Heroes       Eternal Youth                         
Idlewild                  100 Broken Windows                    
Jerry Cantrell            Degradation Trip                      
Joni Mitchell             Blue                                  
Lush                      Lovelife                              
Lush                      Split                                 
Lynyrd Skynyrd            Second Helping                        
Moby                      Play                                  
My Bloody Valentine       Loveless                              
Ok Go                     Ok Go                                 
Opeth                     Still Life                            
Opeth                     Deliverance                           
Primal Scream             Screamdelica                          
Queens of the Stone Age   Songs For The Deaf (Deluxe Edition)   
Smashing Pumpkins         Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The Stone Roses           Second Coming                         
The Verve                 Urban Hymns                           
Tonic                     Sugar                                 

It’s a combination of CDs that I know well but never got around to buying (Primal Scream, Idlewild, etc.), ones that I’ve meant to get for a long time (Aphex Twin, The Verve, etc.) and then just random ones by artists I like or that I heard were good. For the record (har har), it came to $7.91 per CD :)

I actually have an interesting topic I’d like to discuss, but I don’t have the time (brunch ends in 20 minutes). Maybe later.

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