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I’m listening to the new Radiohead album, months before its release, courtesy of my friend Tom and his wizardly Kazaa skills. Do I feel somewhat guilty? Yes. Am I totally excited? Yes. (More yes than the first one.)

This past week was, in a word, ridiculous. James and Grant flew in, and we had a terrific time driving around California, playing sports, and acting like five year olds. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I think last year I took the fantastic company I had for granted, but now getting to spend a whole week with two of my best friends reminded me how great they are. I’ve been spoiled :). Also got to spend time with jcliao, wingerz, and yayu — all wonderful people. Every day felt warm and fuzzy.

One of the happier aspects of my life is that my friends tend to get along with each other really well, even if they only met through me. For instance, last year 21r put Grant and Matt (friends from high school) with James (roommate in college) and Wing (friend from college) and John (friend from work) — and everyone got along famously, electing to stay together even after I left. That made me happy. And last week Alex came along with James, Grant and me when we drove down the coast. Alex is my next-door neighbor at IHouse, and my British twin when it comes to music, beliefs, outlook, you name it. Anyway, he fit in perfectly with our peculiar brand of extremely referential, punny, and just plain vulgar sense of humor — even contributing a few terms to the lexicon himself :).

So all that was good. Academically, too, things did a total 180, all in one 24-hour span. I’m not so intimidated by grad school anymore!

I’ve yet again avoided talking about these so-called “interesting” topics I keep mentioning. Maybe next time, as usual.

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