Where the sun hits the sky

Was going to go to some co-op party tonight with some friends, but they charged $7 and it looked lame from the outside. So instead we headed down to Shattuck and ended up at Blake’s, where we saw this totally fun reggae/ska/pop/whatever band The View From Here for two hours. $6 goes a long way if you know how to spend it…

The basement at Blake’s has these black lights, the ones that make everything look fluorescent and bright. I noticed that when I looked at one at the right angle, the entire room would turn blue. And then if I looked slightly away, everything turned normal again. And then one of my friends pointed out that when I looked at that angle, my eyes glowed blue (which would explain everything else turning blue for me). I guess it had something to do with the refraction index of my contact lenses, or something. Anyway, it was pretty cool.

Happy birthday to my dad and Wing!

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