A Midsummer Afternoon’s Dream

I’m taking the prelim in just over a week, and it’s been dominating my life: I’m behind in responding to emails and calling people, and I’ve hardly been exercising, reading, or playing any music. The good news is that I think I’m getting a handle on most of the stuff I’m supposed to know; the bad news is that there’s still a lot more stuff to assimilate, and there’s still an entire week of studying left (which, while useful, is very tiring). It’s going to suck if I don’t pass.

What else… NewsDog started off well but I don’t know how long it’s going to last… I had some updates planned for it (of course, to be done after the prelim) but it’s hard to tell if anyone finds the damn thing useful.

It’s amusing — the prelim is such a monumental event that I’ve been scheduling things B.P. and A.P…. The amount of stuff I’m supposed to do After Prelim is pretty funny… get new glasses, order more contacts, start working out again, update ND, work on a paper with Bill, read about 5000 books, write some Friendster testimonials [does anyone ever go to Friendster anymore?], start playing ultimate more than once a week, move my web page to the Berkeley servers, figure out what to do with my (still-growing) hair, be more committed to doing research for Ras, oh yeah and go to three concerts that week. Haha. We’ll see what actually gets done.

The Sox and the As might actually both make the playoffs! Fingers crossed.

Recent shows: Belle and Sebastian (with Bright Eyes opening). Bright Eyes started off slowly but totally sold me by the end. (An aside: how the hell do you refer to what are essentially one-man bands? e.g. Dashboard Confessional, Magnetic Fields, Nine Inch Nails, [Smashing Pumpkins, haha], etc.? You always end up saying something awkward like “I love Bright Eyes. His songs are so energetic.”) B&S were utterly charming, as usual. Their new material sounds terrific, too, so I’m psyched about getting the new CD. Then there was De La Soul. Unfortunately they played for the last hour of a five-hour long show so I was too tired to really appreciate them (also the audio sucked).

GradeBoy is finally going to be de-listed from download.com. They’re implementing this new retarded policy that requires you to pay $79 to list your product. Uh… not happening. GradeBoy has had about 20,000 downloads world-wide. I’m proud :)…. of course download.com has accounted for about 60% of those downloads. So this is pretty much the end of the road for ol’ GB.

Jenny and I went to Pt Reyes, which was really fun. We saw a ton of deer, including some fawns, rabbits, a lizard, a snake, a bunch of cool birds, shrimp, a pesky raccoon, and a friendly sea lion that followed us from about 15 feet from the shore as we walked along the beach!

Speaking of walking (and I may have ranted about this before), I find it funny that our societal rules essentially prohibit two people who don’t know each other from walking next to each other on the sidewalk. That is, if you happen to turn on to a sidewalk just as someone is walking on it, either you or the other person will always speed up or slow down so that the two of you are no longer walking together. It’s really funny. There’s actually a whole bunch of sub-rules, too. (For instance, once the speedier person has been established, the slower person almost never passes, even if he wants to speed up.) Wow I’m feeling major deja vu about this. so I imagine I really have ranted before. Better stop now before it gets too weird.

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