Along with OCaml and SC2, I’d like to add Keebler (formerly Duncan Hines) Soft Batch cookies. Best store-bought cookies ever. But no one’s had them, and they’re not sold in many stores. And speaking of […] I think I forgot to mention that I actually got around to writing that Boggle-beating program last month: Boogle. Of course, it’s written in OCaml. The dictionary creation, board generation, solving, and scoring routines are all done in about 100 lines of code. And it handles arbitrarily-sized boards and is really fast, all thanks to the big OC. Aww yeah. (Okay, I sound like Jeff Goldblum talking about Apple. I’ll stop now.)

If Myers-Briggs is anything like it’s cracked up to be, there should be a correlation between the following things:
1. your MB personality
2. where you sit in a classroom

I’m not a good data point, as I’m at best *NT*. But I always sit in the back, for what it’s worth. It seems, from personal observation, that people who sit in the front have obviously different personalities (at least in some dimensions) than people who sit in the back. Just gotta back this up with some data.

Went bowling with Jenny, Melinda, and Steve last week. Second time I’ve gone since I’ve been in California (two years!). Did okay (110, 147). We also played DDR at the arcade, which was a first for me, and cool. Wing’s spongy pads, while nice, just don’t compare :).

I’ve been coding like crazy for a paper deadline in early March. Feeling a hint of RSI in my wrists for the first time in a long time… not good. This weekend is basically time off, though: going to the city tomorrow for a birthday celebration and partying after, soccer and ultimate on Saturday, (one of) two parties on Saturday night, and then on Sunday Umesh and I are hosting a Super Bowl party. 64″ TV baby!

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