I’m watching the game now. It’s crazy. 67-64 Detroit with six minutes left.

I’ve been up in Redmond, WA for almost two weeks now. Here are some pictures:

The common room of our apartment My room
Ping pong :) My building, on one of the few sunny days
Some friends My friend Andrew doing a neat disc trick
The Space Needle Elie’s Porsche

Also, Brendan sent me some pictures from his visit to California, which are pretty amazing. My favorites are this, this, this, this, this, and of course this (my room in Berkeley :).

Okay wow Margaret just called and now I’m back and the Pistons just won. Woohoo!

My roommates, Naveen and Manu, are awesome, and we’ve made some good friends up here already, in addition to the rest of the Berkeley crowd and other old friends that are here too. If only I could get certain other people up here it would be perfect. I haven’t been reading as much as I’d have liked, and my bike is still in its box, but both of these deficiencies should be remedied soon. In the meantime I’ve been watching lots of movies, working out with Naveen and Manu (who are hardcore enough that protein shakes are de rigueur, and they actually know what all the exercises are called), trying to learn how to cook South Indian food from Naveen, and playing guitar, table tennis, foosball, and some ultimate. I guess I go to work somewhere in there, too. I’ve also been to Seattle a couple of times. On our most recent trip we hung out with Manu’s friend Elie, and got to see the Porsche he just won in an online poker tournament. Nuts!

One thing that’s changed is that I haven’t had a lot of thinking time to myself. Not sure why this is, but the end result is that I don’t have much new to say these days. Hence the bland LJ entries :).

Umesh, Meera, and Maya surprised me with a ticket to see Sarah McLachlan next month. It was incredibly thoughtful of them, especially since I’ve never seen her live before and I didn’t even know she’s touring now. Sarah is an amazing musician, able to write lyrics and melodies that are both beautiful and darkly haunting. If you haven’t heard her best album, Solace, you should. Anyway, my family is awesome :).

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