Another deferral

This is another insubstantial entry. It’s going to consist of music, mostly. I have this paper deadline soon, and after tonight I’m basically not playing any instruments for a couple of weeks, so I did some minor recording. Here is a simple, sad, and above all angsty song I wrote late one night last week and recorded on electric guitar and bass:

Do You? | lyrics

Forgive the singing. It’s supposed to sound haggard :). Also, Umesh’s girlfriend Kate inspired me to get a mandolin a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always wanted to play the mandolin, and she pointed out a super cheap one in a music catalog I got — $60 for the mandolin, a gig bag, and some chord books!

It’s a beautiful instrument, although I think I could break it with my pinky if I’m not careful. Of course, owning a mandolin isn’t equivalent to knowing how to play one, and I’m pretty bad. However, I wrote a little ditty (with words). I haven’t had time to record it (and likely won’t for another month at least… and even then it’s behind several other songs in the queue), but here’s a little instrumental clip, recorded on my laptop’s mic:

Hillside Step clip

The percussion noises are another track of me doing hand claps and foot stomps and thigh slaps. The thigh slaps hurt! Haha… I think I need some Weight Gainer 3000 or whatever. Oh yeah, and some mandolin lessons.

Also, I forgot how beautiful the Cry Cry Cry cover of the Nields song “I Know What Kind of Love This Is” really is. Give it a listen.

On a depressing note (hah), a while ago I reaggravated an old hip injury, and made it worse really. I’ve been going to physical therapy once a week, and doing rehab stretches every day. I’ve been feeling better, and last week I played soccer and it definitely felt somewhat healed. Then yesterday during our soccer match, it came back with a vengeance. I could hardly walk, and had to limp home. Auggghhhhh. So frustrating.

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