Speed Connect Four, BART

I’d like to popularize my version of Connect Four that’s for people with short attention spans. The rules are just like normal Connect Four, except:
a) There are no turns. You can each play as fast as you can.
b) However, you can only use one hand to play and you can only hold one chip at a time.

That’s it. I think it’s awesome. You’re basically slotting chips in the columns as fast as you can, using your one hand, trying to block the other guy’s series and creating your own. It’s not just about speed, since the one-hand rule ensures that you have plenty of time to block your opponent’s four-in-a-row if you can see it coming. Fun for hours!

Oh, here are some crappy things about BART, other than the obvious (infrequent, doesn’t go much anywhere in the city):
1. When you’re in the train, it’s often very hard to figure out what stop you’re at. The signs are small and unlit, and the PA is virtually impossible to hear.
2. No maps on the platform. What’s with that?
3. Bathrooms are inaccessible or nonexistant.

Perhaps more to come. I generally love public transportation, but the places in which it’s done well (in order: NYC, DC, Chicago/Boston) put the BART in stark relief.

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4 Responses to Speed Connect Four, BART

  1. rwclark says:

    Agreed. The trains in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Guangzhou (the Guangzhou system was still partly under construction), all very new modern wonders of technical ingenuity really put the U.S. systems to shame. Hong Kong had nice big LEDs that showed a map of the current line and a light showing which station you were currently at. It was very handy.

  2. ccho says:

    Your game is easy. All I have to do is hold your playing-hand wrist away from the board with my other hand while I slowly drop 4 in-a-row. I can think of other distractions, but you would probably call me a bully.